The compusolve pharmacy management system is a full-featured software tool designed to help you run your business more effectively and serve your customers better. By providing a streamlined way of filling your customers' needs, the compusolve system will save you money by allowing you to work more efficiently than ever before.

There are many advantages to the compusolve pharmacy management system.

Control of YOUR data - YOUR data stays in YOUR store. All of the data you generate is stored locally on your hardware. Although we use Internet services to communicate with PBM's, PDMP, and various other resources, there's never a question about where your data is and who controls it.

Remote Pharmacy - Operate a remote pharmacy using your existing compusolve system.

SMS (Text) Messaging - Send a text message to your patient when their presciptions are ready.

Online Medicare Part-B Billing - With the compusolve pharmacy management system you can transmit Medicare claims online, just as you would for any other insurance plan. The information will be captured and submitted to the appropriate DMERC each day for you. You can bill diabetic supplies, ostomy supplies, immunosuppressive drugs, nebulizers, and oral anti-cancer drugs with this service. There are many benefits to using the compusolve pharmacy management system and online Medicare billing.

Electronic Prescriptions - Receive New and Refill prescription orders electronically from the majority of your prescribers, including electronic prescriptions for controlled substances. Send refill authorization requests.

Drug Wholesaler Interface - All major wholesalers work with the compusolve pharmacy management system to provide an interface to their order-entry and price update systems.

Point of Sale Interface - We have and will interface with major point of sale systems. RMS and Paladin are two examples. Compusolve will work with other systems as they become available.

Additional Interfaces - The compusolve pharmacy management system interfaces with Amplicare (i-Medicare), Prescribe Wellness and other systems. We will work with other systems as they become available.

Custom Laser, Thermal and Dot-Matrix Labels
- The compusolve pharmacy management system supports several different label formats for laser, thermal, and dot-matrix printers. Compusolve will also program a custom label to meet your specific needs.

Integrates with compusolve Medical Records Software (CMR) - The compusolve pharmacy management software is integrated with the optional Compusolve Medical Records (CMR) Software for long-term care. Maintain and print Physician's Orders, Med sheets, Treatement sheets, etc.

Stand-alone ePrescription Software - Allows pharmacies who have systems that do not support ePrescriptions to receive them.